Kiasma tunteella / Kiasma moods
Kiasma tunteella / Kiasma moods

Kiasma moods

Kiasma and contemporary art are like blue cheese: opinions are sharply divided.

Is someone really getting paid for this?
Very relaxing.
It’s totally beyond me.

The above are real-life customer feedback we receive from different channels, sometimes quite a lot of it.

After toying with the idea, we decided to put part of our collections online for everyone to review. What sighs of exasperation or scowls of speculation would the works evoke? In the review, users rate nine randomly selected works from the collections with a set of attributes and are rewarded with a description of themselves plus an art recommendation based on their responses. The recommendations also reflect previous users’ opinions of the same works.

The online application collects the reviews into a database, which allows users to browse the works in a new way, based on their attributes.

You can rake the test and browse the top-10 listings updating in real time at


Digiviestinnän asiantuntija ja suuri puujalkavitsien ystävä.