Choi Jeong Hwa. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen
Choi Jeong Hwa. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen

Happy Together at Kiasma

You are needed in the exhibition by Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa! His art arises in a meeting between the works and the audience. Here are some words from him dedicated to all Kiasma visitors.

Happy Happy, Love Me

Happy Happy

플라스틱의 동양 서양, 옛 것 지금 것.
플라스틱이 고무나무와 석유에서 나온 것을 아세요? 플라스틱도 제 2의 자연입니다.
예술은 버려진 것들을 기억하는 것이고 인생에 대한 사랑입니다.
미래는 이미 여기 와 있는 것입니다. 아직 널리 퍼져 있지 않을 뿐이지요.

The East (oriental) and the West (occidental), the old and the new
Do you know that plastic is made of materials from rubber trees and petroleum?
Plastic is derived from nature. In this sense, plastic is another nature.
Art is a reminiscence of the abandoned and the love of life.
The future is already here. It’s just not widely spread yet.

Love Me

“빌어라, 빌어. 비는데는 하늘도 못당한다.
비나이다, 비나이다
잘 살아보세, 잘 살아보세”

잘 살아 본 적 없이 잘 살고 싶어서, 잘 사는것 처럼 보이려고 …
아직도 돼지 머리에 돈을 꼽고 있습니다. 돼지 꿈을 꾸며 ..

’Whisper your wish until the heaven listens to you.’
’I beg of you, O gods of heaven and earth.’
’For a better life, for a better life..’

We struggle for a better life but want to be seen as if we have it already. According to folk tradition, pigs are sacred and we still bow to the pig’s head and put money into it for good luck.

Also, seeing a pig in a dream is a sign of wealth coming your way.

Open Flower, Cosmos

Open Flower

이 플라스틱 꽃씨들은 스스로 피는 것이 아니라 여러분과 만나야 피어나는 것입니다.

These plastic flower seeds do not bloom by themselves, they must meet all of you.

Cosmos: We Are All Flowers

자세히 보아야 아름답다. 오래 보아야 사랑스럽다. 네가 그렇다. – 나태주
사랑의 눈으로 안보이는 것이 없다.

With a close look
With a long gaze
So are you.”

(Grass Flower / Tae-joo Na)

There’s nothing you can’t see with the eye of love.

Flower Chandelier, Presence of Eternity

Flower Chandelier

꽃 춤, 꽃 풀이 (굿), 꽃보다 더한 헛 꽃
바람 꽃, 헛 바람, 껍질 꽃
조화와 생화중 어떤 것이 일회용일까요?

The dance of flower, the ritual of flower, mandala of flower
The empty flower rather than the real flower
The flower of wind, the hallucination of wind
Between the artificial flower and the real flower, which one do you think is sustainable?

Presence of Eternity

탑이란 땅의 뜻, 여러분의 뜻을 하늘에 전달하기 위해 쌓는 것입니다. 하늘과 땅을 연결하는 나무이고 모든 사람입니다.

People build towers to send their wishes and the earth’s wishes to the heavens.
They are like trees that connect the heaven and the earth, and they also represent human beings.

이 전시는 자연을 위하고, 섬기고/ 사랑을 위하고, 섬기고/ 인간을 위하고, 섬기는 ‘Happy Together’ 굿 판입니다.

This exhibition is a kind of ritual that serves and takes care of three elements in our lives: human beings, nature and love.

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